Rethinking corporate education

Driven by latest insights, trends in technology and meaningful personal work, we create highly practice oriented learning programs and transformational experiences for leaders and changemakers of today and tomorrow.

What we do?

Whether in-person or virtual, learning programs or transformational experiences. All our solutions are highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Learning programs

Going through a transformation can be overwhelming - especially if you intent to transform the whole organization. Let us guide you through the different phases from building the foundation, taking action to creating sustainable impact within and outside the organization.

Transformational experience

With our experience as event designers and a broad network of speakers we have profound knowledge of how to organize an event that is inspiring, entertaining, engaging and most importantly transformative. Our events come in all kinds of sizes and formats.

We help organizations to shape the future through smart, ethical leadership


While organizations have the influence to shape our daily lives, they are facing challenges impacting society and environment at the same time. It is our believe that in order to thrive and prosper as an organization in this world, it is important to take challenges as opportunities and make decisions that are beneficial for all. In order to do so, a strong foundation is needed and it all starts with the right mindset.

Mindset change

Mindset change doesn’t happen overnight. mindset change is a process that needs support, mentorship and guidance. As mentors, consultants and facilitators we will change you to go beyond your current state of knowledge.

Education beyond typical fields of interest

Our programs are positioned at the intersection of leadership, ethics, science, and humanity.

Authentic Communication

Workshop SERIES

Custom-tailored one-on-one coachings, small-groups or speaker boot camps for up to 10 attendees.

Beyonder Culture & Mindset

Workshop SERIES

Program for leaders to understand what it means to get from Ordinary to Beyond.

Transformational Leadership

Three-Day Program

Immersive three-day program for senior leaders, working in the areas of strategy, planning, culture, and innovation.

Leveraging Your Empathy Skills

Workshop series

Get insights into the Whole Brain Model as well as your teams’ brain thinking preferences and how to fully utilize your possibilities.

Courageous Leadership

Workshop series

A courage-building program based on the empirical research of Dr. Brené Brown.

Purpose Driven Businesses

Workshop series

Ideation processes with the stakeholders of your company and creative brainstorming sessions customized to your stage of purpose development.

Future-Proofing Your Organization

Workshop series

Scenario planning to identify specific sets of uncertainties as well as different “realities” of your business environment

Exponential Thinking

Workshop series

Designed to give you the key methods on how to lead your organization through a transformation process.

Moonshot Thinking

One-Day Workshop

An introduction to a method which guides you through a moonshot thinking and ideation process.

Innovation/Execution Paradox


Have a closer look at your organization and get new perspectives on how to solve problems.

Futurist Thinking


The future exists in our imagination before it exists in our reality. Learn to start thinking like a futurist.

Leaders’ Challenge

Webinar series

90-minute interactive Zoom sessions to embrace your potential for a more human-centred leadership.